10 years this year!

With my two assistants Djhenny and Ayan on my last day in Montreal :') They helped me tremendously during the last stretch!

With my two assistants Djhenny and Ayan on my last day in Montreal :') They helped me tremendously during the last stretch!

In honor of my tenth year anniversary of doing hair this past year, I decided to share with you my journey to natural hair specialisation! I've loved hair since I was pretty much born. My favourite toys were comb and brushes and I grew up in my grandmother's salon. It was only around 14 years old that I realized that I too can make a career out of this. I was reading everything that I can about it online (which was very limited at the time) while I was still in high school to prep myself for this profession. I started my hairdressing class right after high school and graduated in 2007. I started as a Junior Stylist the next week in a chain salon. One thing that is a little different about my timeline is that I've never been an assistant, I started doing clients from the jump. Since the hairdressing courses in Quebec schools were mostly catered to straight to wavy hair only, I continued working with these textures at my job. I would do a lot of Haircuts, Blow Outs, Perms (curly) and Colors but I started getting bored with it after 3 years.

I started to think that maybe hairdressing wasn't for me. I've always loved numbers so I got a certificate in Accounting to see if I liked it. I got it in 2010 and stopped hairdressing for 6 months to work as a purchasing assistant. Sure enough I realized that the 9 to 5 definitely was not for me. I left that job with the idea of opening an online boutique for natural hair products in 2011.

The name and logo I started with!

One product line that I used a lot in my hair was Karen's Body Beautiful and they had just started a Brand Ambassador program. I decided to be join it and figured that if I restarted doing hair only for natural hair it would help out for the sales. Once I realized there was a need for natural hair services in Montreal I decided to focus on that. I officially started to take clients in April 2011. Since then I've been able to build my clientele, take many classes in the United States and was even a co-owner of a salon for 2 years. I was ready for something new after 6 years. I left Montreal to live in New York this past August. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge that I now have, I feel ready more than ever!