Do I really need layers?

Short answer? It depends! Layering is a technique that creates an illusion of fullness and length by cutting the hair elevated off the scalp.  When curly and coily hair is layered, it can create a stunning silhouette with a lot of body. Some textures and curl patterns don't require layering as much, because it can already mimic that look without that technique because of shrinkage. Which is why I sometimes don't even bother to add layers to certain clients.

Some have a drastic difference in curl patterns. Let's take for example a client named Anna who has curls the size of a straw. Her crown area is curlier than her nape area and she likes to wear her hair curly with as much volume as possible. Because her nape area is looser it always ''grows'' faster than the rest of her fro and gives her the dreaded mullet. I say grows because in reality, since her hair is looser it just reaches her shoulders quicker than the rest of her hair. I will most likely give Anna a straight cut so that when it shrinks, it gives her hair a flattering shape.

Because curly hair has a natural volume-like effect by itself it can sometimes look layered without actually adding any, especially curls on the looser side. Of course this all depends on the actual client's curl patterns, density and other factors. Ask your stylist if you absolutely need layers!