How do I know I need a trim?

The Silk Press is definitely one of my most requested services. I can tell most of the time if a client needs a trim while I'm doing their shampoo. Did you notice I didn't say by looking at it? When hair is in it's natural state, you can't even tell that it needs to be trimmed even if 1/3 of it is split ends since it generally looks the same from root to tip. It is the #1 reason why most natural haired women don't feel the need to trim their hair often.

You see exactly where the hair needs to be trimmed when the hair is straight (Not necessarily from a flat iron. Stretched with a blow dryer only is usually enough). If you take a thick strand and smooth your hair from root to tip between your index finger and your thumb you will be able to feel where your hair is starting to split if you need a trim. When the hair is wet, it is a little harder to see. For most textures, it's a clear sign that you need to cut your ends when it's starting to get more difficult for you to detangle your hair.

Another thing is a lot of clients hold on to split ends because it makes their hair look longer. However it's once you had a trim that you see the difference in not only how the hair looks but also how it feels. A lot of my clients come back for their next trim and boast about how easy it was to detangle their hair after it was trimmed. Try it out for yourself if it has been awhile since your last haircut!