Will my silk press last longer than 24 hours?

I finish the silk press and the client cannot believe how silky straight I got her coily hair. 9 times out of 10, the client will then ask me ''How long is this going to last?!'' It all depends on two factors; maintenance and humidity.


Rain, showers, baths and sweat. If you can avoid all four at all costs you're good! But all jokes aside if you take all the precautions necessary to avoid these four factors, it will add on to the longevity of your silk press.

During inclement weather, I always recommend to not only have an umbrella but to also wear your favourite hoodie or raincoat with the hood on at all times when you have to be out and about. Even if it stopped raining, I still highly suggest wearing those clothing items to prevent humidity from reverting your hair back too quickly.

For showers and baths, invest in a good shower cap with a good quality elastic band. You can even wear a satin or silk scarf underneath and a cotton scarf on top (to absorb any water if the shower cap is not tight enough) for triple protection.

If you sweat a lot from the head without any physical activity, I highly suggest keeping your head wrapped whenever you don't have to ''show off'' your hair. As soon as you get home, wrap your hair. If you can, don't unwrap your hair until you get to work. Just some examples that can help ensure the lifespan of your style. If you work out regularly, definitely keep your head wrapped with a scarf until you are done working out. Make sure your hair is dry completely before taking out the scarf and use a hand dryer if you have to.


The best way to maintain a silk press is by either wrapping or pin curling your hair every night with no exception. You will need bobby pins for the pin curls but you might get away with not using any when you wrap it.  What does the job is securing either style you choose. You can do that with a satin or silk scarf to make sure your preferred setting style does not move while you're sleeping. Some even use more than 2 scarves!

If your silk press last longer than 2 weeks, congrats! But you should still consider washing your hair at the 2 week mark to make sure your scalp is clean.

If you have any questions on this process, please leave me a comment or send me an email at info@weenajerome.com.

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