How to avoid breakage

Are you suffering from breakage? This problem can definitely be fixed but the best way to avoid it is to prevent it. Here are top tips to help you out!

  • Use heat sparingly

I know, I know blowing out your hair every 2 weeks just with the blow dryer really helps you out with styling but it actually dries out your hair! Plus, Severe heat damage can lead to breakage. What helps with preventing heat damage is to use a heat protectant, using heat on clean hair only and aiming for 2 passes maximum when using a flat iron.

  • Eat well, drink plenty water and exercise

Trust me I would love to eat out and stay on the couch every single day but believe it or not, great hair starts from the inside. Consulting a nutritionist and a trainer to find out what your body needs specifically will help you make you feel the best way about not only your hair but also yourself mentally, physically and emotionally!

  • Trims are your friend

Split ends can cause breakage in some textures, especially fine hair. They can split up the hair shaft if they are not taken care of. The best way to prevent split ends is to trim your hair regularly. I recommend every 3 months on average for most textures.

  • Transitioning can be a process...

If you are dealing with two different textures, beware! This also includes transitioning from heat damaged hair. That line of demarcation is now the weakest part of your hair and needs to be protected if you don't plan on cutting off the damaged part anytime soon. Amp up your moisture and protein treatments in salon to make sure your hair balanced at all times to prevent breakage.

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