Should I trim my hair every month?

My advice is to get trim regularly once every 3 months. Some can wait up to 4 months, others can't wait longer than 2 months. It all depends on three factors. The curl pattern, the hair texture and the client's routine.

Curl pattern

In general, hair that is more on the coily side needs just a bit more care which is why they tend to be a bit dryer than looser waves and also why they may need to be trimmed more often.


Finer textures are more fragile than medium to coarse hair which can make the hair slightly dryer. When hair is dry, split ends form with ease and makes the ends easily breakable, hence the reason why it would need to be trimmed more often. Sometimes, a client can have very loose curls and may think she can get away with trimming once or twice a year but because she has a finer hair texture, she unfortunately can't get away with it.


Taking care of your hair as much as possible is what helps prolong end splitting and trims. Sleeping on silk or satin, moisturizing more than once a week and minimizing loose hairstyles are of couple of things that you can do to amp up your routine.

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