My #naturalhair journey

Thank you for visiting my website! I've already written some blog posts in French when I was living in Montreal but I'm restarting in English since I am now in New York. Why not start with my natural hair journey? I grew up not being allowed to relax my hair. Because of that prohibition, my favourite quote was ''I will be natural all my life!'' as a child.


I believed it until I got to high school and kept being asked why my hair looked ''like this''. Confused, I decided to chemically straighten my hair under pressure at 15. Thankfully, I discovered natural hair forums online two years later and remembered why I wanted to stay natural younger so I decided to start my transition back to my coils.

I was in hairdressing school at the time and decided to do my Big Chop on May 12th 2007, one month before the end of my course. I was so excited to see my hair texture again that I only transitioned for 2 months instead of a year! I kept my afro for 4 years and decided to start my locs on September 6th 2011, five months after I decided to specialize into natural hair care.

Since then, I've been able to grow my locs down my back and cut them back to my shoulders for a bit of change. Many would ask me if my locs were heavy when they were longer and believe it or not they were very light since I don't use a lot of products. I definitely learned a lot about myself because of my natural hair, especially my patience. I am extremely proud to wear it and want for you to be too!