Do I need an appointment to come?

Yes, I do not take walk ins.

Do you sell products?

I don't at the moment in New York, but I do sell Karen's Body BeautifulNubian Kinks and much more in Montreal.

The hairstyles last how long in general?

They last from one to two weeks depending on the style.

Should I wash my hair before coming?

No need to, the wash is included in all services!!

Do you do Big Chops?

Yes I do! However I'm not a barber so I don't do line ups/fades.

How much time should I set aside for my appointment?

Put 1 to 4 hours aside. Working with natural hair can sometimes take a long time depending on how many services you choose.

Do you relax natural hair? What about extensions? Sisterlocks??

I don't, but I can give you references!

What technique do you use when you cut natural hair?

It depends on the client's texture. I can cut it curly wet, curly dry or stretched out dry.

Will I learn to keep my hair?

Yes, I recommend products and methods for daily maintenance.

Can I come if I'm transitioning?

Absolutely! I facilitate the process as much as possible by providing a system and guidance for your transition.

What technique do you use when you straighten natural hair?

I stretch your hair with a dryer with a comb attachment and I silk it with a flat iron. This style can last two weeks with the necessary maintenance. I don't recommend this service in the summer, because it lasts less longer because of the high humidity temperatures in both Montreal and New York.

I've been transitioning for X months and my new growth is very nappy, but I still have a good length of hair relaxed. Do I have to do the big chop?

If you feel capable to maintain the two textures and you absolutely want to keep your length, you can definitely make a long transition.

Can the Wash & Go really turn my frizzy hair into defined curls?

It's possible! It can with the exception of textures with a "z" formation. However I can only confirm if it's possible after seeing and touching your hair. This style lasts one week in general.