Referral Program

My thank you for recommending me to your friend, family member or co worker! You are automatically enrolled once you receive your referral card at your next appointment. It is super easy to get $25 off:

  1. Book your next appointment

  2. Receive the referral card at the end of your appointment

  3. Give the referral card with your name on it to a friend, family member or co worker

  4. The person that has the card brings it back with them on their first appointment and gets $25 off her services

  5. You get $25 off your next appointment!

Loyalty Program

Get 4 Haircuts/Trims in a year and receive 15% off your 4th Trim! Example: Lisa came in on September 1st 2019 for a haircut and decided to be consistent with her trims. She came in every 3 months and got 15% off her Silk Press + Cut/Trim on August 31st 2020!